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Thrive in Health

By Bernardo De la Cruz

Eating right isn’t cheap, between places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s; some healthy choices can break your bank (especially if you’re feeding a family).  You even have places like Amazon for cheaper prices on non-refrigerated items like coconut oil or protein. Even so, some of the things that I have come to require still feel a bit steep. That’s when a year ago I heard about this new online market that sales healthy food at crazy prices.

Thrive Market is the first healthy online store that offers all natural and organic products at wholesale prices. It’s similar to Costco, but over the last year it has gone even further than that. For example, the brand of coconut oil that I buy: on Amazon it goes for $27.88.  In Costco it goes for $18.00. On Thrive it goes for $16.45.  Ghee (a type of cooking butter) goes for $39 on Amazon and $31 on Thrive.

The price examples may not be so drastically different, but over time that amount adds up when you shop in bulk. My last order I was supposed to spend $80 and ended up saving $20.

So what’s the catch? You get one month free and they even give you a 15% discount on your first order. After your month you join for an annual price of $59.95, but you can cancel at any time.

Most people would have stopped reading by now, I know I stopped reading when I saw the price the first time too. But after I tried the free month and got a large order with that 15% discount, I found out that it’s worth it. In just 3 months of a few orders, I had already paid the $59.95 subscription with the money I had saved using the Thrive Store.

Now I’m not telling any of you to jump at this opportunity and subscribe blindly (like I did for the Amazon Store Card!). But feel free to check out the website and find healthy choice products and compare the prices between the places you usually buy them. Do a little math and perhaps you may notice the amount of money, however small, you will save. Especially when it comes to healthier live choices.






Bernardo De la Cruz, es graduado en Computación y Tecnología en Pace University en NYC y es asesor de Westchester Hispano.






Sala de Redacción/Westchester Hispano
Publicado el 26 de Marzo, 2016

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