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Pokémon Go: Got to know the dos and don’ts

By Bernardo De la Cruz

It’s been 2 weeks since the release of the smart phone app: Pokémon Go. For those that have been wondering as to why people (young and older) are staring at their phones more than usual lately, Pokémon Go is an application based on the hit children’s T.V. show Pokémon Adventures that has been airing since the early 90’s. The premise is very simple: there are several hundred different species of Pokémon and you have to collect them all and battle them. Pokémon Go makes your phone’s camera and GPS into an Augmented Reality (AR) where you can find these creatures in the real world and try to collect them.

Confused? Well, there’s a YouTube Video for that (there’s only so much space I can write on). In it’s very short time since it release, the Nintendo company’s stock as increased by more than what was projected (if you’re into trading stock, I suggest checking them out) leading many to believe that the value will only continue to increase over time.

The game itself is pretty simple to figure out, with many videos and guides for those that don’t quite get it. As with anything that is popular there are some rules and regulations that should be followed. Personally I would consider them to be common sense type things, but according to many news outlets, it still needs to be said.

When turning on the App you will be greeted with a message telling you to always be mindful of your surroundings; meaning don’t constantly be looking at your screen as you walk. You may fall or walk into something or even worse. Of course that also means DON’T PLAY AND DRIVE any type of vehicle, unless you’re a passenger. If you’ve watched the news, you may have also heard that some criminals have taken advantage of a location-based feature to lure people into traps in order to rob them. It’s safe to assume that even if there’s something you’re looking for in game that is located in a sketchy area, don’t go there, it’s not worth it.

There are more don’ts than do’s, but the number one do is to simply play the game. Online posts in blogs and even some legitimate news sites have reported that many people are getting out there more than ever, it has helped those with depression even. Some even go as far as saying “This game has done more for childhood obesity in 2 weeks than Michelle Obama in 8 years”. As harsh as that statement is, it’s probably going to be true.

Check the game out; it’s available in iOS and Android. As always research the product more to see if it is worthwhile.




Bernardo De la Cruz, es graduado en Computación y Tecnología en Pace University y es asesor de Westchester Hispano.






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Publicado el 04 de Junio, 2016

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