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Apple Watch gets Series 2

By Bernardo De la Cruz

2 weeks ago I talked about the new Apple Watch that would be coming out this week. Like I promised I bought myself one. The first thing I took a look at was what options I had for shopping and there were too many. I’ll simply talk about the lower end of that spectrum mainly because that’s what the average person can afford.

It’s important to mention that despite which Series 2 watch you purchase, they will all have the same software and hardware, the only difference is cosmetic. The lowest priced model is the Apple Watch Series 2. The name is confusing since that’s the overall watch, but bare with me here. Price starts at  $269 with a sport band and an aluminum casing. There’s also the Apple Watch 2 Nike edition for the same price coming out a little later, so you can get that too if you want some extra features.

The only reason why I did not buy this particular watch, Sport’s Watch aside, is because of the aluminum casing. It looks nice but I feel like it can easily get scratched, though I don’t have any personal experience since I’ve never owned an Apple Watch until today.

The one I did buy was the 42mm (Also comes in 38mm for those with smaller wrists) Stainless Steel watch for a whopping $699. The only reason it’s at this price is because there was no sports band option for stainless steel, thanks a lot Apple…. It’s also important to note that I bought this watch with a deferment contract, meaning that I can do small payments for 12 months until I pay it off with no interest.

As for my first impression of the watch, I didn’t like it. But that’s because I was too eager to try and do stuff with it but simply couldn’t. I had to be patient for about 2 hours so I can customize it to my liking and after that it worked out rather well. It came with 85% battery life and I wore it the entire day and had an hour workout as well. At the end of my almost 14 hour day I still had 45% battery life. I guess that means that I don’t use it as much as others who claim the entire battery last the entire day. Do I recommend this Watch, well I can’t say for certain yet. I’ll need some time wearing it to really let you know. So until next time! (Aren’t I a tease?).





Bernardo De la Cruz, es graduado en Computación y Tecnología en Pace University y es asesor de Westchester Hispano.






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Publicado el 24 de Septiembre, 2016

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