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Streaming War

By Bernardo De la Cruz

By now we should all be familiar with Netflix and Hulu Plus. Some, like myself, even have both services. But what if you don’t feel like paying for one over the other? Which do you choose? While there are alternative ways to stream TV shows and movies online, you can’t beat the quality that these two sites offer.

In terms of price, both have a standard entry price of $7.99 per month. What you get with this price is as followed.

On Netflix you can view content on one device with standard video quality. You can always pay $9.99 or even $11.99 to up the quality and number of devices you can view with at the same time. No matter which plan you pick, you will never get commercials with it.

With Hulu on the other hand, the standard $7.99 get’s you a few commercials at any time. You could pay the $11.99 for no interruptions, but that doesn’t include some of the shows that don’t care about what you pay and you end up with ads anyways. The good thing is though, unlike Netflix, Hulu doesn’t have a restriction on how many people can view from multiple devices at the same time.

So what do you get? With Netflix, you get a large inventory of TV shows and movies and even original content. They add and remove content based on popularity every few months, which keeps it interesting.

Hulu on the other hand streams content the day after its released on TV, but that only applies to network shows like Fox, HBO, ABC and the CW11; even then, not all shows come up. However, after a while those episodes will be taken away after a season is over, which can be annoying. Just like Netflix though, it does have its own original content and movie list. But personally speaking, I only check out the TV listings.

That being said, both services offer enough to keep everyone entertained. I use both equally which means this war is at a standstill. Both services do offer a free-trial, so check them out and see which you prefer.






Bernardo De la Cruz, es graduado en Computación y Tecnología en Pace University y es asesor de Westchester Hispano.






Sala de Redacción/Westchester Hispano
Publicado el 09 de Abril, 2016

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