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OPINION: Westchester was key in Kathy Hochul’s triumph

La gobernadora Kathy Hochul, anuncia ahorros para los beneficiarios del medicare.

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Maricarmen Amado/Westchester Hispano

The electoral contest on Tuesday 8 has not been easy. The count has put tension between militants from both rival parties in the New York gubernatorial post, especially Democratic supporters of Gov. Kathy Hochul.

And it is that, although Hochul campaigned intensely in the densely populated areas of the state of New York, the truth is that she did not put all her effort in the suburban areas. Just to give an example, in Westchester County she waited the last few weeks to intensify her campaign. She did well, but her team, for example, did not reach neighborhoods with a high concentration of Hispanic Latinos. It wasn’t necessary for her to come personally, because she can’t be everywhere, since New York is big. But her campaign, her team, didn’t come close.

For her part, Long Island Congressman Lee Zeldin, from the Republican Party and opponent of Hochul, also did not reach the areas of Latino communities. He also focused on densely populated neighborhoods. He was not seen campaigning for her at any minority venue in Westchester County.

Lee Zeldin, former New York gubernatorial candidate.

And it is that perhaps it was not necessary, for Hochul, to work hard on minorities, since he knows that Westchester County voters are mostly Democrats and disciplined. That has been demonstrated with the votes. In the Hudson Valley area, which includes Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Sullivan, Ulster and Orange counties, Gov. Hochul swept the vote only in Westchester, with 187,986 votes to Zeldin’s 124,347. . 60.2 percent for Democrats versus a slim 38.8 percent for candidate Lee Zeldin.

Hochul also did well, not as well as in Westchester, Ulster County where she garnered 43,308 votes to Lee Zeldin’s 32,709 votes. However, the Republican did well in a large number of counties. He won Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, and Orange counties.

Here, near Westchester, Zeldin beat Hochul hands down. In Putnam, Zeldin garnered 24,557 votes, while the governor only garnered 16,010, according to New York state counts through Nov. 9. And in Rockland, located just a foot from Westchester, Zeldin had 60,133 to just 46,786 for Hochul. It should be noted that, in both nearby counties, where the governor has lost, there is a high concentration of Hispanic Latinos. Perhaps they have not voted for her or have not widely participated in her vote because they have not been knocked on the door or approached.

But the truth is that Kathy Hochul has won and has become the first elected woman governor in the state of New York. And she has said something historic: “To all women and girls, including my granddaughter Sofía: you can do anything you set your mind to”, in reference to Sí Se Pudo. And that, from now on, the doors remain open for any other woman to be elected as governor.

Posted on November 11, 2022



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