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Mamaroneck families get justice

Accused of racism, won’t be able to live in his house for 18 months and cannot appear two blocks away from his neighbors

The area of families affected by racism in Mamaroneck.

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The families made up of Ana and Jason De León and Ariela and Walter Gehring will be able to live in peace, if the order of the Irvington judge, Desmond C. B. Lyons, who ruled on Monday, August 29, that Michael Dunaway move from his home located in Staub Court, in the Village of Mamaroneck, where he attacked these families on a daily basis because he does not like those who are not white like him.

Dunaway was denounced for racist attacks against these two families of Hispanic origin.

Now the 55-year-old defendant, who pleaded guilty in Irvington Court, must live at least two blocks away from his neighbor’s house to avoid going to jail.

Prior to receiving the order from Judge Lyons, Dunaway pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree criminal contempt.

In the indictment, it is explained that Dunaway threw urine in the entrance area of ​​his neighbors’ house, as proved by the lawyers of those affected.

Michael was not acting alone. He had the permission of his parents. The Dunaways are accused of dumping trash and debris into their neighbors’ driveways in order to clog the drain and worsen standing water.

Elsa Puerto Rubin, a Democratic activist from Rye Neck and Mamaroneck, said she is satisfied with the court decision because it not only allows the defendant to stay away from the affected families, but also allows him to receive psychiatric care.

“I am satisfied because at least he will receive psychiatric help that he never had. His parents never treated him. I get the impression that they used the boy and his illness to hide discrimination from him and perhaps encouraged him to do harm because they knew that his son could not be prosecuted. In addition, both parents had friends who were judges, police officers and officials,” said Puerto Rubin, who was present during the court hearing at the Irvington Court.

The defendant must be monitored by the Court and will return to court for review on October 13. If he commits any infraction, approaching the house, or insulting someone or resisting arrest he goes to jail for two years.

“We hope that the impact of Ana and Jason DeLeon and Ariela and Walter Gehring will extend beyond this litigation, and that their courage will help improve the lives of all racial and ethnic minorities, inspiring other victims of bigotry and discrimination. in their homes and neighborhoods,” Cohen told the media.

The defendants waged a campaign of harassment, stalking, property damage, intimidation, and abuse of power to try to drive their Hispanic neighbors out of their homes.


The court filing accused the Dunaways of vicious, almost daily bullying and harassment:

  • Physically assault, push and spit on certain neighbors.
  • Stalking and videotaping plaintiffs and their families, including young children.
  • Dumping dog feces, human urine, and urine-soaked wipes on plaintiffs’ property.
  • Physically block the entrance to Staub Court to prevent plaintiffs from leaving.
  • Dumping trash and debris on plaintiffs’ properties and on front steps.
  • Letting your dog run loose to scare off plaintiffs.

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