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Alvarado announces central building for young people

The legislator has already submitted the request to the congressional budget office for the construction of the Yonkers Community Multi-Service Youth Center

Legislator José Alvarado, who represents Southwest Yonkers, announced several initiatives for youth and the community.

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The work in favor of children and youth are key to help families and the entire community, however, a bigger effort is needed in Yonkers, which is why Legislator José Alvarado, who represents southwestern Yonkers, has a construction project for a building dedicated to offering all kinds of services to the youth of this city. The plan is advancing with sure steps.

This is the future Yonkers Community Multiservice Youth Center, a central place where all kinds of services for youth will be offered, starting with job training, social workers, psychologists, and general support services. The tentatively chosen lot is 134 Linden, a vacant site where the building could come to fruition with the support of Congressman Jamaal Bowman.

“We have already taken the first step by submitting the application for the construction of the Yonkers Community Multi-Service Youth Center. Congressman Jamaal Bowman asked us to suggest a location and with School Superintendent Edwin Quezada we looked at this vacant spot. We are asking the federal government through Congress for $20 million for this initiative, which the congressman supports and has helped us to enter into the requests for the federal budget”, said Legislator Alvarado about the project. The initial step was for it to be named in the urban plans of Congress and that step has already been taken. “This takes time, but the project already exists and is in the hands of Congress,” he added.

As part of its project of extensive services to the community, in addition, next August it will present the First Community Forum of the Consortium of Community Agencies, which will be held in order to unite all service providers aimed at children and youth in Yonkers.

With the Youth Bureau, he is preparing this year’s activities to offer employment to young people, but more effort is needed to get more young people to have a job and activities during the summer.

“The Youth Bureau’s need is for us to include more kids because right now there aren’t any openings for all of Yonkers’ teens to work. Currently, a raffle is held among those who apply and only those who are drawn are given jobs, which means that we must do something more so that more children work in the summer and are busy, ”said Alvarado.

Another of the youth programs that Alvarado mentions is the work of establishing good relations between young people and the police, and he also spoke of DORONEX, an organization that receives young people from abroad, helping them to settle in this new country for them, led by Francisco Cruz and his wife. “The organization is small but it makes a positive impact in our Yonkers community,” said the legislator of Honduran origin.

About the Park

Alvarado’s dream of a large and beautiful park for the community is moving towards becoming a reality. The lot has already been purchased by the City of Yonkers for $13.2 million dollars and, as he explains, “this park will have one of the largest extensions in the last 30 years. For this, Westchester County has collaborated with $15 million and it will be a reality between the years 2024 and 2025. We will convert that land that was a school bus depot into a green area for the entertainment of the town and all of this is being carried out in south west of Yonkers”.

In addition, in order for the community to enjoy nature and well-being, he wants an abandoned lot to be used to build a pool on the first floor with views of the river.

“I’m thinking big and I want a pool on the first floor. We are going to invest $30 million so that people can enjoy this beautiful river. Why not have a building that will serve thousands of youth and families in this city, he asked?

Posted on March 30, 2023



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