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This is the drone you’re looking for

By Bernardo De la Cruz

Let’s talk drones. No, not the militarized ones that kill people overseas, that’s for a different article all together. I’m talking about drones you can buy at Best Buy and other retailers. They look cool right? Being able to fly a few hundred feet in the air with a camera to give you a birds eye view of your surrounding. With that sort of description they seem “meh” at best, actually they’re only cool if you know how to use them appropriately.

For instance, you can have them take pretty cool selfies that you wouldn’t get otherwise. You can take it to the next level by taking a video selfie that zooms out from you to your entire surrounding. You can even use them to take a look at high places you can’t easily access at home like your roof, or that tree a squirrel decided to call home. Still not exciting enough? How about custom drones that specialize in maneuverability and can race on obstacle courses? Yeah, competitions like that are a thing, believe it or not. They’re actually pretty cool.

Did the sound of racing drones peek your interest? Well sorry to be a buzzkill but the price of doing that may not be up your alley.

But of course with all fun things and the fact that these drones could be dangerous, the government is starting to put a bit of regulation on them. More precise, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Aside from registering every drone for consumer usage, they are making it so that: you can only fly them near by at around 400 feet. They can’t be above any person, you won’t be able to fly them after sunset and you need to have a license and be at least 16 years of age. And that’s just for starters. While the new set of rules seem dull, they make sense. I wouldn’t want a 10 pound drone falling on my friends and family, so there’s no reason why I should take that risk with others.

As for what drone you should get, if you made it this far and still think it’ll be cool to own one, I’m not sure. They range from $65-$5000 depending on what your interests are. As with anything I recommend buying, never be cheap for a product that is worthwhile. That being said, I’ll update this article with model types at tech-class.com later next week.






Bernardo De la Cruz, es graduado en Computación y Tecnología en Pace University y es asesor de Westchester Hispano.






Sala de Redacción/Westchester Hispano
Publicado el 30 de Julio, 2016

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