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DMV with all the comforts in White Plains

Easy access, ample parking and a strategic location for residents

Users turn to officials who are willing to guide them in their proceedings. Photo: Fernando Pineda

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Fernando Pineda | Westchester Hispanic


White Plains

More technology, modern and functional offices, a large and comfortable space in the waiting room for the public, is, among other things, what the new headquarters of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers, in White Plains, Westchester County.

Both for officials and for those people who need to carry out a vehicle-related procedure on a daily basis, the office allows them optimal use of time, taking into account its strategic location, as several people consulted by this media outlet agreed.

Jorge Máximo Aquino, a Peruvian living in White Plains, said that on several occasions he had to travel to the provisional office that he was in Sleepy Hollow for 9 months, where he found good care, but the time he had available was not enough. “Now that it has been moved to this new site, I see the change that will benefit us all, more comfort and agility for the turns we have to do,” said Aquino.

Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian Luis Tacuré said that the new office of Motors and Vehicles shows a very different face in its facilities. “Everything looks organized and beautiful, the attention is very good, the change is noticeable, now I can fix some documents that I had pending since it is very close to my house,” he said.

For their part, officials from the new White Plains office told Westchester Hispano that the attention continues practically the same, reservations can be made online and many of the procedures are also done in this way, the attention day was established between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

In the same way, they said that the entity made a web page available to users to request REAL ID or Enhanced ID driver’s licenses.

They also made it clear that with the regular license there are no modifications to your application, for which an appointment must be scheduled, as soon as the required documents have been obtained.

Luis Tacuré, was surprised with the technology, location and comfort offered by the new DMV office in White Plains. Photo: Fernando Pineda

  • Request the REAL ID on time
  • In this regard, officials from the entity explained to this media outlet that one of the special recommendations is to process the application for a REAL ID driver’s license on time, despite the fact that the Federal Government extended the deadline to demand it until March 7. May 2025
  • They emphasized that the Real ID is a new identification card that will replace the regular driver’s license to board domestic flights. In addition, it will be used to access federal facilities and nuclear power plants.
  • After that date, you must present a driver’s license or identification card that is a REAL ID or other acceptable form of identification to travel by air within the country. The rule applies to all passengers over the age of 18. If you do not carry it, you will not be allowed through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security at the airport to board your flight.
  • However, other forms of identification will be accepted to board a domestic flight, including: United States Passports. Identification card of the United States Armed Forces. Permanent residence cards (“Green Card” or green card). Enhanced Driver’s Licenses (EDLs) issued by a state. Passports issued by foreign countries.

Posted on February 02, 2023



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